Claudia Rodriguez - lost 73 lbs in just 9 months! (From March 2009 to present)    




Tabata Uribe

"I started going to Zumba in October 2009. It is a little bit exaggerated to say but my life is different since then. I have always liked dancing, even practiced Ballet for many years when I was younger. I have been living in Houston for almost 3 years, and I have been regularly exercising. With Zumba I experienced a first sight love. It is not just exercising, it is much more than that. I have not only lost weight, I have made new wonderful friends, I have a lot of fun, and I recovered my love for dancing. The instructors are professionals, caring, and creative. The classes are energizing and fun. I highly recommend Tropa Z Fitness. Let´s do it, do it, do it!!!"