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Rhabby Domingo
Dabbling in different sports and fitness crazes since childhood helped keep me out of trouble growing up. Playing basketball, volleyball, baseball, racquet ball, tennis and martial arts to name a few were permanent fixtures in my life. I even became a personal trainer, "Taekwondo" martial arts instructor and fighter for the past twenty something years due to my love of sports, fitness, and competition.

Given all the years of training in sports and fitness, I thought nothing more would surprise me.  But then, when my wife and I were looking for something different to do together, she came across an article about this fitness craze that was promising to burn more than 500 calories in an hour. My initial reaction was is it for real? As my wife read on, she told me that through dancing to various Latin dances it is possible. I got curious but when I learned all the dancing entailed a lot of hip action being the tough guy that I am, I got scared. It took a lot of convincing to do it but eventually I gave in and the rest was history.

My wife and I got hooked the first day we did Zumba. At first I thought, I don't think all the dancing will give me the challenge
I am looking for. Honestly, the first five minutes of the class alone got me so worked up I didn't think I could finish the class. All the hip action also improved my martial arts especially the delivery of kicks and punches because now my hips are more into it.

Our group, Tropa Z Fitness, gives our members a unique blend of talent and style in our routines and this sets us apart from the rest.


Corrie Domingo
My husband and I have always wanted to learn Ballroom dancing and just do something together. We both love to dance and we're both into fitness and Martial arts. Our plans shifted when I came across an article in the magazine one time about Zumba.I convinced my husband to join me and the rest is history!  We got hooked on the very first class and enjoyed it a lot.  I have been dreaming to earn how to dance Salsa and the other Latin dances and here I am.  Now, I not only know how to dance it, but now I teach it!

Since childhood, I had battled weight problems and after trying out other fitness programs in the past such as Taebo, Yoga, Pilates, and Aerobics, which worked to a certain extent but  I can truly attest that Zumba is the one for me!  It is really flattering to know when people mistake me for a 20 something year old and it never fails to shock them to know my real age and that I'm married with a kid!  I look better and younger now than I was in my teens.  To feel great and sexy is another thing...My husband and I bonded even more because of Zumba.  It totally changed my attitude, my body and I learned how to have FUN again!

My forte is Samba and Salsa.  Adding the 'CORRIE FLAVA' to the routines make it more fun and exciting!  It's a privilege to be part of TROPA Z and the ZUMBA FAMILY WORLDWIDE!  LET'S ZUMBA!


Tatiana Torrente

I think if it were scientifically possible to journey to the center of my soul, I honestly think that when you arrived, you’d hear music.  When I really think about it, I feel that I almost literally interpret my life through the lens of music.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  For me, dance is just the physical expression of music.  It’s not an activity.  It’s a language.  Sometimes, I can feel hesitant, because of my shortcomings in English, to go up to someone I don’t know to start a conversation.  But put on a song and I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a stage in front of a thousand strangers to dance. 

I think this affinity I have for music is a naturally occurring phenomena for people that come from my hometown in Colombia, Barranquilla, which also happens to be the home of someone a few people may have heard of, Shakira (who happens to be a huge role model to me).  Music is a big part of the spirit of us Costeños (which simply means people from the coast in Spanish).  In Barranquilla, we have a huge and famous music and dance-filled festival every year simply called “The Carnival of Barranquilla.”  I’ve been attending that for as long as I can remember.  I remember growing up in this huge apartment complex and having a huge group of friends that I would hang out with.  We would often come up with choreographies to different songs that we would present to all of our families on special events like Christmas or for birthdays. 

 After I came to the States a few years ago, I kind of got away from dancing as I didn’t initially find any outlets for it.  I still listened to my music of course and I would go to Latin dance clubs and concerts but I simply never found a consistent outlet for dancing.  Then I found out about this new form of dance fitness called Zumba.  I went to my first class and have never looked back.  I quickly decided I wanted to become a certified instructor and now I’m fortunate to be a part of a wonderful family of Zumba brothers and sisters called “Tropa Z.”