Health Tips

Want to jump start your metabolism?
You can start by NOT skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast actually slows down your metabolism by a whopping 20%. Studies show that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and should be the healthiest as well. Eating breakfast helps keep your weight in check as well since your body tends to hold on to the calories when it is being deprived of a meal. Having a high fiber breakfast such as oatmeal or multi grain cereals with fruits also helps keep your energy levels up for the most part of the day.

Have a soft spot for chocolates?
Try dark chocolate. Studies show that people who eat dark chocolate can reduce their stress levels and not only that, the antioxidant flavonoids in it are potent enough to fight cancer and heart disease as well. Just make sure that the dark chocolate your munching on is 70% cocoa.

Manage Stress
Stress is a normal part of life. How you deal with it can have an effect on your heart. Always schedule a “me” time to do the things that give you pleasure. Devote at least an hour to relaxing. Practice meditation to help control reactions to stress. Try an activity that relaxes you like reading a book, or listening to soft music..Better yet take a nice long bubble bath and throw in some scented candles. Choose any one of the tips above and factor in a good night’s sleep.

Have healthy relationships
Intimacy, trust and feeling supported are ingredients of a healthy relationship. Share your feelings with a trusted loved one. Learn to communicate effectively to get what you need. Seek counseling or support groups if you have difficulty relating to others. Share yourself. Volunteer.